Our purpose is to provide
dependable energy,
for every generation.

We exist to
shape the future for people and for energy
think and act ethically and environmentally
elicit pride for our employees and customers
deliver safe and reliable services
make lives easier

Our vision is to provide a traditional service with a modern approach. By applying a future-focused lens, we'll meet the needs of every generation, now and in the future.

Our Missions

We call these our North Stars and they are the bold moves we
need to make to achieve our vision


Being a great place to work

We want to create a business where people love their work. A place where everyone can make a difference to our customers and communities. That means taking real steps to build a culture where our people can bring their ‘whole selves’ to work and feel supported and valued for the part they play in our success.

Operating a safe and responsible business

Operating in a safe and responsible way in everything that we do is core to our business. Our primary goal is to achieve no harm to people and to minimise our impact on the environment.


Evolving from gas to energy management

We’re making changes in how we operate and the services and products we offer. We’re at the start of our journey, but we’re moving in this new direction because we want to give our customers choice in their energy management and to support our islands’ energy future.

Being a role model for a Net Zero future

Our ambition is to be a Net Zero business. For a company that has supplied gas, a fossil fuel, for nearly 200 years in the islands this might seem something of a leap, but it is a leap that we are fully committed to making.


Our values

Our beliefs and ideals are shared by everyone in the group – they are defined by our employees, not the company. They outline the things we believe are important, meaningful, and right. Like our own DNA, they are what makes us unique. We’re guided by them so they’re at the heart of every action and every decision we make as an organisation.

Our primary goal is to achieve no harm to
people and to minimise our impact on the
Work together effectively to achieve success
for our business: every day we should think
and act as owners of the company.
Customer Satisfaction
Our mantra is ‘putting the customer at the
heart of everything we do’. We hold ourselves
to account to deliver results that meet or
exceed our customers’ expectations.
Always be sincere and truthful when dealing
with colleagues and customers. It’s OK to own
up when you make mistakes, so we can use
them as a lesson to share.
Humour and Fun
Have fun while being the best – Be Human! We
love to be around happy, motivated, and
positive people. It’s good for you, for the team,
and for our customers.