Our businesses

Islands Energy Group is made up of three businesses based in Guernsey, Jersey and the Isle of Man – Guernsey Energy, Island Energy and Isle of Man Energy. We are the sole gas utility providing natural gas and/or liquefied petroleum gas to domestic, commercial and industrial customers across the islands. We also offer technology and appliances through our successful retail areas in Guernsey and Jersey.


Guernsey Energy (Guernsey)

Gas lit the streets of St Peter Port for the first time in 1830. Public buildings, shops and larger houses benefited from gas lighting although most working people didn’t light their homes with gas until the end of the century.


Island Energy (Jersey)

First manufactured in 1831 by Thomas Edge, Gas in Jersey was used to light the streets of St Helier. Large crowds gathered in King Street to watch the dazzling effects as shops and other establishments were lit up for the very first time. Many still existing today.


Isle of Man Energy (Isle of Man)

Gas for lighting and heating was first supplied in 1836. Starting out, gas was manufactured by carbonising (roasting) coking coal which produced town gas – or coal gas – and a range of by-products before being substituted for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).