Sustainability strategy


Our targets

Pillar 1

Climate action &
carbon reporting

Set science based targets and measure, manage and reduce our emissions to Net Zero.

Pillar 2

Protecting our

Positively impact the communities and islands we serve.

Pillar 3

New energy
products & services

Support our customers to manage their energy and costs, and play a vital part in the energy transition.

Pillar 4

greener energy

Transition the energy we supply to lower carbon alternatives.

Roadmap for delivery

Our focus for 2023 and beyond is all about delivery. We have developed an outline roadmap of actions, which we shall keep reviewing to identify new opportunities to innovate and progress our targets. An annual management review of our sustainability framework shall be carried out in alignment with ISO14001 and we will report our progress annually so that you can see how we are doing, and our plans for where we need to improve our performance.

Environmental & Social Action Plan20222023202420252050
Pillar 1
Start annual reporting of our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions
Put in place an annual climate change risks and opportunities assessment
Develop and implement a decarbonisation plan to Net Zero (with science-based targets)
Define scope of and start to quantify Scope 3 emissions
Pillar 2
Launch initiative to support local nature based carbon initiatives on each island
Baseline and set up an annual ESG materiality assessment
Complete and implement a Sustainability Framework - to drive Plan, Do, Check, Act sustainability within business
Implement a sustainable procurement Code of Conduct
Baseline and monitor our environmental and social performance
Pillar 3
Launch Smart Home products and service
Launch wider energy assessment and management products and services
Start to support energy awareness initiatives within the community
Pillar 4
Develop a Green Gas Plan and transition to new gas fuels with steadily reduced carbon intensity
Explore and diversify propositions to include mixed energy hybrid solutions
Engage and collaborate with Governments and industry on the energy transition