Amelia Louden - Sustainability Coordinator at Islands Energy Group

Why have you pursued a career in sustainability?

I've always felt very connected to nature, particularly the interactions between nature and society. This led me to studying Environmental Sciences at university, which piqued my interest in sustainability.

There is no simple answer to sustainability challenges, you have to consider and balance a variety of factors, and this is what drives me. There is also nower in connecting with and working within a group of like-minded, ambitious individuals who want to tackle problems and find solutions that not only impact this generation but all generations to come - it is this shared direction and passion that drives innovation, which I find both exciting and inspiring.

Sustainability (and the energy sector) is at the forefront of techical and social innovation. A role like mine within this sector can be diverse; ranging from research that informs policy, driving the development of smart technology,renewable energy and green gases, through to helping to develop nature-based offsetting solutions. It's also a reallly dynamic industry that requires an interdisciplinary mindset, as well as string interpersonal and problem solving skills.

Why is it great to work at Islands Energy Group?
IEG has given me an amazing platform to grow and develop my skillset, with the wide variety of projects I am working on as well as access to support and training. It's exciting to work for a company that is putting net zero at the forefront, particularly in recognising the role gas has to play in the energy transition.

No two days are the same, each day offers new and unique challenges. I am currently working hard on completing IEG's carbon reporting to international standards, developing internal carbon literacy training and rethinking how we communicate sustainability in a refreshed and more engaging format.

How has vour role transitioned from intern to sustainability coordinator?

My internship during the summer of 2022 set me up well for my role now as sustainability coordinator. My internship gave me the opportunity to apply knowledge gained in my degree and develop important workplace skills and set personal objectives. This then gave me the tools and confidence necessary to have meaningful input and manage the higher responsibilities and projects I work on as sustainability coordinator.

Why are you passionate about helping the environment?
I developed a real passion for the sustainability of our environment and climate change mitigation during my degree in Environmental Sciences. I studied climate change projections, sea level rise projections and the direct link between these and complete ecosystem collapse. The more I learnt the more I wanted to protect the environment. And I wanted to focus on what we can do. I want to help make sustainability more accessible and put a spotlight on the positive impacts even small actions can have in communities.

What do you do to personally minimise your environmental impact?

I eat a vegetarian diet and where possible I buy local seasonal produce. I've also cut down on single use plastic and keep a reusable bottle and coffee cup in my bag. I am limiting my consumption of fast fashion and enjoy buying second hand in charity shops and online (Depop/ Vinted), this is both good for the planet and is more budget friendly!

After completing a range of brand research. now try to only buy from brands that cut down on plastic and waste.